Tri-City Pallets Near Me

From shipping apples to making artwork and furniture, you can count on us. See why more area professionals prefer our selection of wood pallets. We also provide pallet pick-up and drop-off. Look no further than Tri-City Pallets near me.

Pallets Near Me in Raleigh, NC

Everywhere you look in the community, you see lots of industries working together. The one thing they all need, however, is finding wood pallets near me. Whether you need pallets hauled off, or dropped off- we are here for you. 

In Raleigh, NC, you have plenty of options in where to buy your supply. Yet, none of them come close to the selection or quality of Tri-City Pallets.

As your local suppliers, we guarantee a better class of wood pallets for less. You can find a variety of dimensions, shapes, and features, as well as:
  • Conveniently Serving Locations near you
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Wide Selection
  • Industrial Products
  • New and Used Inventory
  • Experienced Operators
  • And more products and services, also


The Best Wood Pallets in Raleigh, NC

Buying your wood pallets online is rarely a stress-free experience. Bait-and-switch products, premium pricing, and inferior-quality lumber only cost you more in the end.

Instead, we only carry items we know can handle any shipment you have. From local logistics to international shipping, we serve more clients every day.

Whatever products you need from us, we guarantee a better selection. Call now to learn about what services we offer. Just some of the services and products we offer are:
  • Buy Pallets
  • Sell Pallets
  • Pallet Haul-Offs
  • Custom Wood Pallets
  • Pallet Recycling
  • Shelving Pallets
  • Storage Pallets
  • And other solutions
Whether you can’t get rid of yours, or you need more, we can help you. See why we are always the best choice for your business.

Our Pallet Services

These days, nearly everyone needs wood pallets near me for one project or another. When you need to buy, we’re here to sell each time.
From do it yourself builds to keeping your shipping costs low, we can help. Choose us for all your wood pallet needs. We offer:
Used Wood Pallets
Heavy Duty Pallets
Heat Treated Pallets
CustomWood Pallets

Sell Your Pallets

Part of keeping a better inventory of pallets is buying them from you. When you have wood pallets for sale, we are ready to make a deal.

We purchase a variety of items from anyone who needs to whittle down their inventory. Keep us in mind the next time you have pallets to sell, including:

New Wood Pallets | Used Wood Pallets | 48x40” | 48x48” | 42x42”  | 40x40” | And other dimensions

Custom Wood Pallets

Sometimes, you can’t always find the pallets you need. Whether you have bulky items to ship or unusually shaped artwork, we can help.

Customized wood pallets are the ideal solution for many people every day. When other suppliers let you down, we can build yours better now.

Pallet Recycling

Virtually all pallets in use today are made of recycled wood materials. As a result, they, too, are easy to break down and reuse.

Even if you have a stack of unusable ones, they can still be repurposed. Contact us for wood pallet recycling now.

Other Products

Because every business has different needs, we carry a broad range of products. Whatever way you serve others, we can help.

You can find a variety of items for any industry, such as manufacturing and logistics.Whether you need pallets for shipping or drums for sale- we have it.

The Best Pallets Near Me in Raleigh, NC

If you use pallets as a hobby or for work, you aren’t the only one. The Western Pallet Association suggests there’s two billion in use right now.

Millions are made every year and even more are reused or recycled. When you choose us as your preferred provider, it helps keep the industry greener.

Even when wood pallets break down, they can still be recycled. They are also used in making products labeled as composite wood materials.

When you’re searching for the best place to buy wood pallets, choose us. We always have your best selection and prices on new and recycled products.

Can I Get Pallets Near Me for Free?

Sure, you can find pallets for free – but you won’t know their condition. When taking them from other businesses, it could also break the law.
Furthermore, pallets outside of supermarkets and warehouse stores be covered in harmful bacteria. You could unknowingly bring home a load of E. coli.
Finally, if you plan on poaching them, you could be stealing. Many distributors hold on to as many empty wood pallets as they can.
When you don’t know where they came from, you can’t guarantee they’re safe. We offer the quality you can trust at affordable pricing every day.

How Can I Use Wood Pallets Near Me?

What started as a humble shipping container has become the DIY product of the year. These days, the better question is, what can’t wood pallets do?

Unfortunately, many people turn to products that aren't safe to use. Reused wood pallets used in manufacturing likely have chemical residue or even carcinogens.

When you have quality wood pallets that are safe, they’re versatile. People rely on millions of pallets every day for their business and hobbies, such as:
Pallet Furniture
Standing Garden
Shipping and Logistics
Outdoor/Garage Storage
Upcycled Furniture
Woodworking Projects
Mulching and Composting
DIY Flooring
Wall and Bookshelves
And many more uses, also
Whether you use them professionally or for crafting, they all need to be safe. Make sure you’re getting a quality set of wood pallets and visit us now.

How Can I Use Wood Pallets?

Even if no one else realizes it, we know how crucial pallets can be. Because we know your business depends on them, we only stock quality products.

Whether you started a new business or an existing one, pick us. As the best source of local pallets and more, we guarantee a better inventory.

No matter what you need our pallets for, we carry the highest quality around. Choose us at Tri-City Pallets now for the best selection and pricing in Raleigh, NC.
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