Pallets for Sale

Whether you need our inventory for your business or weekend hobbies, we can help. No one offers better pallets for sale than Tri-City Pallets.

Where to Get Pallets for Sale

One of the top questions for more area professionals is where to get pallets for sale? Whether you need new, used, or other materials, we’re your best choice.

Tri-City Pallets provides a broad selection of wood pallets, and more, throughout Raleigh, NC. From building projects to shipping, industrial needs, and more, we solve them all.

Making us your preferred vendor means quality products at lower costs. Whatever items you need from us, we offer a better variety of choices, such as:
  • Wide Inventory
  • Quality Products
  • Professional Pallet Providers
  • Pallet Collection
  • Different Product Grades
  • Experienced Operators
  • And more benefits, also
Whether you’re planning children’s activities or manufacturing goods, choose us for all your products. No one else provides a better selection of inventory or pricing than our group.


Where to Get Pallets for Sale

When you need to buy wood pallets, you expect the best products available. Unfortunately, getting them online or from classifieds doesn’t always work.

When you think you can prowl for products, others will soon stop you. Instead, we keep your pallet purchases simple with a range of sizes and materials.

Whatever your needs, we have the best pallets you can buy now. Visit us today to see your top selection of products around, such as:
  • New Wood Pallets
  • Used Wood Pallets
  • Heavy Duty Pallets
  • Heat Treated Pallets
  • Custom Wood Pallets

Our Pallet Services

Where to Get Pallets Second Hand

Like many things in life, preowned wood pallets are still quite useful. In fact, many pallets in use now are in their second life.

We offer both Grade A #1 and #2 used wood pallets that still perform well. And at a lower price than brand-new items, it’s quality you can trust.

When you need to save on reliable used products, you can count on us. Stop by today to learn more or contact us for more information.

Where to Get Haul-Off Services 

After a hectic season, you now have mounds of wood pallets everywhere. With more projects on the way, you need them gone now.

While you could have a sign posted around back, you don’t want strangers prowling. Instead, you can call our team now, and have us pick them up.

Wood pallets that still offer use are going to sell again. When they can't, they’ll recycle into other items.

Before you hire anyone online, make sure you choose us. We offer better removal services.

Where to Get Pallets Recycled

Pallet recycling is the unsung hero of conservation, leading to tons of saved trees. What many don’t know is every piece can be repurposed in the end.

Wood that can’t be used as pallets is often used for mulching or similar products. We remove metal waste with a magnet to prevent contamination.

We repurpose any material that can build custom orders as well. When you have unwanted items, we haul them away for you.
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