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Contact us for haul-offs, sales, custom builds, and more solutions. No one offers better options for wood pallet recycling than us at Tri-City Pallets.

Pallet Recycling Near Me 

in Raleigh, North Carolina
Thinking green starts with small steps with the right partner. When you search for pallet recycling near me,” you want reliable results.
For over 20 years, Tri-City Pallets offers the best solutions around.

 Wherever you have wood pallets in Raleigh, NC, choose us for local haul-offs.

We also offer other services at affordable pricing. See why we are your trusted name for eco-friendly pallet solutions.
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Pallet Recycling Services in Raleigh, NC

Whether you have wood pallets taking up space, or you’re looking to reuse some pallets for that home project - we have the service you need. 
From manufacturing to upcycled patio furniture, pallets are in demand. Homeowners don’t always know where to find pallets, and businesses that collect them don’t always know how to get rid of them. At Tri-City Pallets, we solve all your pallet recycling and haul-off needs. 
We also offer cost-effective containers that don’t sacrifice quality. Call now to learn more about our pallet recycling services, such as:
Pallet Removal |  New and Used Pallets | Wood Pallet Recycling | Custom Wood Pallets

New Wood Pallets

While recycled pallets are great, there comes a time when you might need new wood pallets. Find the best selection of dimensions and pricing for any industry.

Used Wood Pallets

Who says you have to throw away that used wood pallet? Save money by having us pick them up instead of you having to take them to the dump.

Wood Pallet Removal

It doesn’t take long for wood pallets to start stacking up. Keep your workspace clear of unused containers with local pallet haul-offs.

Custom Wood Pallets

Worry-free shipping begins with the right pallets. We can create custom wood pallets with quality recycled materials.

Why Wood Pallet Recycling?

Not all cities consider wood pallets when planning for their waste removal needs. Unfortunately, that means that many containers end up in landfills.

Most pallets used today are likely using recycled materials, even partially. In the right hands, these containers can perform for years after purchase.

Many of the other materials used in making them can also be repurposed. Not only is it sustainable, but it keeps the costs lower.

Who Needs Wood Pallet Haul-Offs?

Virtually every company finds itself with too many pallets. Once the pile starts, it never stops growing.
For more than 20 years, we keep businesses in Raleigh free from pallet clutter. Contact us for fast and local wood pallet haul-offs for your company. Just some of the industries we service include:

Automotive Repair Centers, Paint Stores, Public and Private Schools, Bulk Discount Warehouses, Docks and Shipping Centers, Distribution Centers, & Wrought Iron Shop.

See why we deliver reliable solutions for less. No one knows wood pallets like our team.

Why Choose Us for Pallet Recycling?

You can’t count on just anyone to keep up with your discarded containers. As your trusted name in wood pallet haul-offs, we know what to do and how to keep costs low, or even free for you.

From helping you save on shipping, to dependable removals, we manage it all. You can even contact us for a consultation with our experienced agents.

Greener solutions don’t always need to feel pricey. Keep your costs down with our reliable service team.

The Best Wood Pallet Recycling Near Me in Raleigh, NC

For over two decades, local businesses continue to choose us. They know we only offer affordable services and quality pallets.
Before you ditch your wood pallets in the dumpster or pay too much to haul it off - contact us. 
From manufacturing to logistics, we serve more companies in the area. When you have more pallets than space, give us a call.
Contact us for haul-offs, sales, custom builds, and more solutions. No one offers better options for wood pallet recycling than us at Tri-City Pallets.
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